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Avenir : Key Solutions

Digital Omnichannel and Open Finance Platform empower banks through 'Banking as a Service,' enhancing their digital presence with advanced digital products. The platform publishes APIs that seamlessly integrate with existing back-office systems, fostering improved efficiency.

Harnessing innovative technologies like AI, ML, and RPA, this platform enables banks to provide an Omnichannel and hyper-personalized banking experience. This experience spans diverse customer channels and touchpoints, facilitating a seamless and technologically advanced interaction with their consumers.

Digital Core Banking Solution, a robust, secure, and cloud-native solution, facilitating banks to adapt to the evolving industry landscape. This highly parameterized and scalable solution serves as an open product basket platform, allowing the creation of new products without the need for extensive coding. Through consolidation and centralization, the solution seamlessly integrates various branches onto a unified platform, leading to streamlined operations, heightened operational efficiency, and elevated service delivery. Leveraging AI, ML, and Bots, Kiya.ai's Digital Core Banking Solution empowers banks to deliver contextual services and nuanced offerings to diverse customer segments.

IT Support Services: Find precisely the support you need – form a single HPE product to large, multi-vendor data centers and complete hybrid cloud solutions.

Education and Training Services: Give your employees the skills they need to boost productivity and take maximum advantage of new technology investments.

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